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Social Network Investigations

Social media is a valuable investigative tool when seeking evidence or information about individuals or cases.  A vast amount of information about claimant activities is available online through videos, photos, and text posted by claimants and family members. 

  • Starting your investigation with social network intelligence can help minimize costs before going out immediately on surveillance.
  • Photographs/videos located during this search often times prove instrumental in confirming identification of the subject , as well as depicting the subject engaged in an activity that  contradicts his/her subjective complaints.
  • Social network photographs/videos also reveal the identity of locations where the subject has been, as well photos of subject’s vehicle, -motorcycle, recreational toys, etc…
  • The posting made by the subject and/or friends, relatives provide a unique insight into the subject’s life.   By carefully analyzing the posts just prior and after the date of injury can reveal evidence for the overall defense of the claim.  
  • Posts also reveal future activities /events that the subject may be involved in and as such, maximizing your surveillance budget
  • Evidence of current employment, as well as self-employment activities are frequently detected by our specialized research staff.
  • Numerous successful SIU prosecutions have resulted based primarily with evidence secured during a social network level investigation.
  • Similarly, social network intelligence uncovers useful data if you are completing an asset investigation, due diligence, or a background investigation. Investigation into a claimant’s social media content often plays an important role for insurance professionals.
  • Insurance fraud has been characterized, conservatively, as an $80 billion problem. Therefore, a growing number of insurance professionals are finding that social media sites provide potentially powerful tools in investigating fraud.






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