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Medical / Pharmacy Canvass

A Medical/Pharmacy Canvass is research tailored to assist in detecting pre-existing illnesses or injuries relating to Worker’s compensation claims. Through investigative techniques we can identify hospitals, specific primary care physicians, physical therapists, chiropractors, Diagnostic centers as well as pharmacies and clinics where a subject may have been treated. Typically a search is within 10 miles of the subject's most recent addresses, as well as prior addresses where the claimant has lived since the date of injury.

  • This service can provide an accurate account of where information will be available in reference to previous injuries or illnesses.
  • Can help determine if the Claimant received treatment prior to the date of loss
  • Verifies the alleged injuries are not those for which the Claimant previously sought treatment
  • Helps determine whether the Claimant has a history of injury claims
  • Assesses whether the reported injuries occurred outside the course of employment
  • Discovers unknown treatment information not previously disclosed by the Claimant or Claimant's attorney
  • Substantiates Claimant statements about prior medical treatment and reveals possible material misrepresentations
  • Can establish not only what prior medications prescribed but also the name of the Doctor who prescribed said medication

On litigated claims and upon approval, our office can then promptly prepare and serve WCAB subpoena on the locations identified as having records. 


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